Deep Roots

Antima Cellars / Narra Vineyards has demonstrated a deep commitment to both our environment and to our Brownfield community. We are 6th generation farmers from India and 4th generation farmers in the United States. We are a family own and family run vineyard with NO CONTRACT LABOR.

Crop Estimating

Crop estimation allows us to precisely thin out desired crops per acre. This process is very delicate yet important to the production of wine. Estimating crops allows us to balance the number of clusters to the size of the canopy. If estimation is done improperly, it can end up killing the vine. But if done … Read more

Canopy Management

Here at Antima Cellars / Narra Vineyards, we pride ourselves on growing the best quality grapes possible. One of the many steps we take to make that possible is by our canopy management practices. Our top priority when it comes to growing grapes is sustainability. It all starts with shoot thinning and positioning of the … Read more